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Well we made it to the end of this crazy year.  I wish it ended as well as we started.  The band was very successful this year.  From marching season to placing 25 kids in the region band and 5 on to Area along with 13 students qualifying for State Solo and Ensemble.  I am so very proud of the students this year.  I was really looking forward to our seniors going out with another sweepstakes at UIL Concert and Sight-reading because I knew we were going to sound incredible.  



I cannot say enough how sorry I am for your Spring semester to turn out this way but you guys handled it like champs.  During student check-out I had a chance to talk with a few of you for a bit and after that it really hit me that that was the last conversation I was going to have with you as my student and some maybe for a long time.  This is always the hardest and proudest part of the school year.  I think back to our first meeting as a band and how things were with the change to where we are now with your leadership and example of how to adapt.  That ability to adapt has been obvious here again as we deal with what's going on in our country right now.  You have set a great standard to continue to build the Texan Band.  I will miss you guys.  Thank you


Returning members

Even though this school year has come to an end the next one is already in motion.  I will be sending out our fall calendar within the next week.  The dates on this calendar are subject to change if the state or UIL has to make changes.  Please plan on these dates being solid.  As for now we will be starting summer band July 29th.  There will be percussion and colorguard camps in late June and July but we are waiting to confirm some details about facilities before we make it official.  Please be looking at the show music.  Our goal of making it all the way to state next year is based on the hard work you guys put in starting now with the music.


I will be announcing 20-21 officers on Tuesday.


I will be around most of the summer and if there is anything that was not picked up over the last 6 weeks please contact me to set up a time for us to meet.


Our trip for next year to Disney is still in the works.  I have not said much about it due to the current refund situation and Disney park reopening dates.  We should be in the clear to proceed with solidifying details so we can start making payments.


The travel agent and I have been in pretty steady contact the last two days and he sent me a google link for everyone to fill out that is getting a refund for this year's cancelled trip.  Please click the link below to fill out this form.  If you paid by check to the company or online you will be receiving a check from them.  All money that was fundraised and paid through the WHS band account will be returned to the band account and placed in your child's "band account" for next year.  Seniors that have fundraised money coming back will just be returned into the general band account unless you have a sibling in the program then that money will go to their "account".




If you have any questions about any of the information in this email please feel free to contact me.  


Everyone have a great summer.

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